How It Started

Stonetech Corner INC

Stonetech Corner Inc. is a leading IT company that specializes in cloud services. It is located in Honolulu, Hawaii where it was founded in 2009 by our CEO Nathan Thomas. Nathan saw a growing opportunity for business in the technology field and noticed the market for cloud services. Given that this is the way in which technology is headed, he specialized in learning about it and setting up his own business after working in several IT companies for years. We are now a successful business thanks to his vision and entrepreneurship, which has guided us until today. We have an amazing team of IT professionals from all over the country. We are now one of the most recognized cloud services providers in the state of Hawaii.


Frequently Asked Questions

1.- How do the clients benefit from this service?

With the accessibility and availability of working with the cloud you and your staff will be able to access your information whenever you need it and trust that we will keep it safe at the same time.

2.- What is your refund policy?

Our sales are final and non-refundable.

3.- When can we contact you for tech support?

Our tech support is available for our clients during office hours.

4.-Does the cloud have a maximum of storage for the clients?

Yes, it does. Depending on the type of storage you hire.

5.-Where is your office located?

Our Headquarters are located in Honolulu, Hawaii but we have other sites in the state.




1888 Kalakaua Ave. STE C312, Honolulu, Hawaii 96815, United States.